Dispoware™ 11.25/4 Inch Round Plant Leaf Plate

This product is used for birthdays, family functions, and other events, and it is delivered directly to customers from our manufacturing facilities. Leaf Tree Eco Products is a company that specialises in Round Plant Leaf Plate. Our Round Plant Leaf Plate are fashioned from Areca Palm Tree leaves that have fallen to the ground.

Raw Material Plant Leaf
Product Type Biodegradable & Compostable
Purpose Serviceware
Suitable For Microwave Reheatable
Special Features Medicinal , Anti-Bacterial
Dispoware disposable 11.25 inch 4-compartments round plate are made by tribal women with hand stitched natural green leaves & recycled paper. Dispoware  11.25 inch 4-compartments round plate are environment friendly, biodegradable, amenable for longer duration storage and can be easily disposed. The use of plant leaves makes the Dispoware round compartment plate very lightweight. These products are very easy to carry even for outings as they pack more quantity in very less space.  Dispoware 11.25 inch 4-compartments round plate can be used in a temperature range of 4° C to 70° C i.e. from refrigerator to microwave.