Dispoware ™ 25ml PET Sauce Container

Dispoware Dip Cups are reusable and built keeping in mind it’s purpose. With a wider top and narrow bottom, they are perfect for dips that go with chips, breadsticks, wings and fruits. The rim design and tight-seal lid ensure minimal spillage of the contents. Ideal for dips, masalas, sauces and tasty accompaniments that go with starters, main course and desserts!

Raw Material PET
Product Type Recyclable
Purpose Takeaway
Suitable For Ambient Temperature
Special Features High Contact Clarity

Ideal for  dips and sauces, our dip cups are designed to let you dip your favourite chips, breadstick or wings into the dip or sauce without any difficulty.

Reusable along with being freezer friendly, they are ideal for take-away and long storage. The rim and tight-seal lid are designed to avoid any spillage of the contents. Made with food grade material and recyclable in nature, they are responsibly manufactured fulfilling our duty towards conserving the environment.