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Dispoware™ 500ml Paper Tub with Lid

During the hot summer months, our 500ml Paper Tubs with Lid are composed of high food grade paper board, making them durable, dependable, and leak proof. Our white simple paper tub is poly coated on the inside and out, making it suitable for use in the refrigerator, freezer, and microwave. Hot dishes and soups can also be served in these tubs.

Raw Material Paper
Product Type Biodegradable
Purpose Takeaway
Suitable For Microwave Reheatable
Special Features Sturdy , Lightweight

Round paper containers with paper lids are now extensively used as takeout containers for food delivery by consumers seeking an environmentally friendly option.

These containers are composed of food-grade paperboard that has been poly-coated on the inside and come with a matching paper lid. The coating protects the container from liquid absorption and makes it reasonably leak-proof.

These 500 ml disposable plastic containers are often used to carry gravies, sauces, salads, and other foods.

It is not suggested that these containers be microwaved.