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Dispoware™ 180ml Paper Cup with Lid

Customers buying Coffee Home are served coffee in a 180ml paper cup with a lid. The ripple wall of our Take-away Coffee Cups dissipates heat and makes it easier to grasp when drinking coffee. The capacity of this paper cup with lid is 180ml, and it comes with a snap-fit plastic lid to prevent leaks. These mugs are perfect for serving coffee to dine-in customers as well as delivery and take-out customers.

Raw Material Paper
Product Type Biodegradable
Purpose Takeaway
Suitable For Microwave Reheatable
Special Features Sturdy , Lightweight

Double-walled paper cup with lid Coffee cups and cups for serving hot drinks to customers are also frequent uses for paper cups. These Paper Cups are designed to maintain heat while also allowing the cup to be conveniently gripped while drinking a hot beverage.

To prevent spillage, these cups have a snap-fit plastic cover. The Double-Walled Paper Cup Any business selling any type of hot coffee, tea, or beverage to its customers should have hot mugs on hand.