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Dispoware™ 7 Inch Round (Deep) Aluminium Foil Container

Dispoware Aluminum Foil Containers are well-constructed to handle all types of light or heavy dry and gravy food items. They’re ideal for safely delivering, storing and carrying your favorite hot or cold food items without any hassle. The large variety of shapes and sizes make them ideal for a range of uses like snacks, main course items, bakery and desserts.

Raw Material Aluminium
Product Type Recyclable
Purpose Takeaway
Suitable For Oven
Special Features Sturdy , Lightweight

Specially made to prevent microorganisms from sticking to the container, keeping your food fresh longer! Dispoware Aluminum Foil containers are ideal for all types of hot or cold, dry or gravy food items. Trusted by many for safe delivery and storage, all our containers are used for packing food items ranging from snacks, main course , bakery and desserts.

With ideally located ribs on the sides of the containers and fold to ensure tight seal, Dispoware aluminum containers are available in various shapes and sizes. Made with food grade material they are both  oven and freezer friendly. Recyclable in nature, they are responsibly manufactured fulfilling our duty towards conserving the environment.