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Dispoware™ 4 Inch Square Bagasse Bowl

Add a look of elegance to your foodservice operation with Dispoware bagasse bowls. Available in a wide range of styles and sizes, bagasse bowls are lighter. yet strong enough to hold a full portion without bending. Superior insulating qualities makes Dispoware bagasse bowls perfect for both hot and cold foods. Dispoware bagasse bowls are available in cream colour .

Raw Material Sugarcane Bagasse
Product Type Biodegradable & Compostable
Purpose Serviceware
Suitable For Microwave Reheatable
Special Features Water and Grease Resistant

Dispoware  4 Inch square bagasse bowl are made from 100% renewable natural plant fibre. These bowls are environment friendly, biodegradable, amenable for longer duration storage and can be easily disposed. Dispoware 4 inch square bagasse bowl have no plastic coating, free of chemicals and 100 % certified as safe for food contact.

The use of natural plant fibre makes the Dispoware 4 inch square bagasse bowl lightweight. These products are very easy to carry even for outings as they pack more quantity in very less space.  Dispoware 4 inch square  bagasse bowl can be used in a temperature range of 4° C to 70° C i.e. from refrigerator to microwave