Eco friendly Cups, plates, manufacturing company In Delhi NCR

Eco friendly Cups, plates, manufacturing company In Delhi NCR

Esskay Packs founded and headquartered in New Delhi, India sets the benchmark for excellence in  sourcing and distribution of innovative foodservice packaging solutions. Esskay offers cups, plates, cutlery, food storage containers, lids, straws made from materials such as plastics, aluminium, paper, bagasse, plant leaf - all designed with the features, advantages and benefits our customers needs.   We are focused on sourcing the right quality product at a competitive price. 

We have made deep inroads in various cities across India and are established vendors in the F&B industry .


Our Mission 

To offer practical, safe, and innovative packaging solutions while remaining constantly engaged with our business partners.

Our Vision 

Ensure absolute focus on client relevance, increase our client portfolio to all major and growing cities of India and expand our product portfolio with innovative additions like the recent plant leaf-based disposables and other nature-friendly products.

Our Focus

Highly customer-centric products enable us to include products like cups, plates, cutlery, straws, meal trays, lid bowls, bulk meal containers, with the latest addition of plant-based disposables in our expanding collection.

Environment consciousness by being highly aware of customer needs and using materials like Recyclable Plastics, Aluminium, Paper, Bagasse and Plant-leaves.

Competitive Prices & Timely Delivery for the right-quality products is ensured by our strong relations in the industry and strong system of checks and balances.

Standards of Excellence are defined and followed in manufacturing, sourcing, and distribution of all our products.

Commitment to Customers, Business Partners and Co-Workers is a foundational value at Esskay Packs creating a culture of honesty and integrity .

Growth for all is the motto which drives our business practices at every level. We strongly believe that we can progress only when the businesses of all our associates flourish.